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5,5 AQHA Points Open, AQHA Incentive Fund Money Earner

Dam of 2 foals - 2015 colt by Spooks Gotta Whiz and 2016 colt by Colonels Smoking Gun/Gunner

tragend für 2019 von Whiz N Tag Chex!

5-Panel N/N getestet
SHINING SPARK Palomino, geboren 1989 – AQHA 2810420 – Decktaxe 2010 25.000 USD! !2011 in die NRHA Hall of Fame!!! NRHA 4 Million Dollar Sire

1994 NRHA Open Derby Champion over 85 entries, scoring a
230.5; 1993 AQHA World Champion Junior Reining Horse, scoring
a 227.5 at the World, earning a total of $62,674.
Total Foals 1,176 Foals of Performance Age 1,091
Performers 653 Money-Earners 555
Total Earnings $7,748,126 Average Earnings $13,960
Point-Earners 456 Points Earned 32,900
ROM Awards 402 Superior Awards 190
World Championships 33 Reserve World Championships 32
The NRCHA #1 All-Time Leading Sire and the NRCHA’s First & Only Three Million Dollar Sire (the only sire to be over the Three Million dollar mark in both the NRCHA & NRHA!); 2008 NRCHA #1 Leading Sire; 2009 NRHA #8 Leading Sire; NRHA #4 All-Time Leading Sire and
the NRHA’S Youngest Three Million Dollar Sire; AQHA’s #2 All-Time Leading Living Sire of Performance ROM, and the 2008 AQHA #3 All-Time Leading Sire of Open Performance Points-Earned.

SHINER’S MOST RECENT STARS SHININGNSASSY(SassyOLena, by Doc O’Lena). $200,987:NRHA Open Futurity Champion; 6th, 2009 NRBC.
SHINERS NICKLE (Shesa Lota Nic, by Reminic). $71,485: 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion.
LIL MISS SHINEY CHEX (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena). $80,074: 4th, 2009 AQHA World Senior Working Cowhorse.
A SHINER NAMED SIOUX (Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $52,212: top 10, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity (Rein Work Champion); 2009 SRCHA Kalpowar Open Futurity Champion.
SPARK N WHIZ (Mizzen Topsail, by Topsail Cody). $45,131: 2009 Euro NRHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
PRESIDENTE SHINER (Miss Hickory Tari, by Taris Catalyst).
$40,971: top 10, 2009 AQHA World Junior Reining.
SHINEY SENORITA (Tarizana, by Taris Catalyst). $43,192: 5th, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity.
GENUINE MASTERPIECE (Kings Masterpiece, by Peppy San
Badger). $34,113: split 5th, 2009 NRCHA Open Stakes.
SHINERS TREAT (Hagandaz, by Grays Starlight). $32,500: top 10, 2009 NRCHA Open Futurity; 5th, 2009 NSHA Open Futurity.
SHINEY SUSHI (Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $ 26,349: 2009 NRCHA Open Stakes Reserve Champion.
SHINEY PLAYBOY (Playboys Sally, by Freckles Playboy). $23,268: 2009 NRCHA Limited Open Stakes Champion.
CIRCLE SIX SPARK 205 (Begay 295, by Colonel Spats). $17,895:
2009 NRCHA Limited Open Derby Champion.
SPARKING CHAMP (Be Bitsy Champ, by Poco Champs Blue). 162 AQHApoints: 2009AQHYAWorld Champion Working Cowhorse. SHINING SPARK HAS SIRED:
SHINE BY THE BAY (Metermaid To Order, by Doc O’Lena). $174,541 and 517AQHApoints:AQHAWorld Show Most Valuable Working Cowhorse; AQHA World Champion Working Cowhorse twice;
AQHA Reserve World Superhorse; World’s Greatest Horseman
Reserve Champion with Robbie Schroeder; NRCHA Open Stakes Champion; 5th, NRHA Open Futurity.
MISSREYOSHINE (Miss ReyOLena, by Doc O’Lena). $159,715: split 4th, NRHA Open Derby; top 10, NRHA Open Futurity.
SMART SHINETTA (Smart Hickory, by Doc’s Hickory). $132,166: 4th, NRCHA Open Futurity; 3rd, AQHA World Working Cowhorse.
SHINE LIKE HAIL (Summer Chex, by Bueno Chex). $116,226: NRCHA Futurity Reserve Champion; NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Ch. SPARKING TRAIN (Sister Train, by Reminic). $112,073 and 212 AQHA points:AQHAWorld Champion Senior Heading Horse;AQHAReserve World Champion Senior Working Cowhorse; AQHA High Point WorkingCowhorseMare;NRCHAWorldOpenTwo-ReinChampion.
JUST GOTTA SHINE (Zans Pretty Penny, by Zan Parr Bar). $105,844: NRHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; 4th, NRHA Top 10.
BALD N SHINEY (Leos Raffle Lady, by Hank Leo). $100,379 and 943 AQHApoints: 5-time World Champion:AQHAWorldShowAll-Around Amateur;AQHAWorldChampioninAmateurHeading, Senior&Amateur Working Cowhorse and Senior & Amateur Heeling; NRCHA
Non-Pro Bridle World Champion; AQHA High Point Am. Cowhorse. SPARK MASTER (Kings Masterpiece, by Peppy San Badger). $99,474: NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
SHINERS DIAMOND JILL (Zans Diamond Jackie, by Zans Diamond Sun). 657 AQHA points: AQHA World Show Superhorse; AQHA High Point High Point Heading & Heeling Champion; High Point Working Cowhorse Mare.
SAILING SPARK (Topsail Maid, by Topsail Cody). $96,382: Equi-Stat #1 Reining Mare; NRHA Open Futurity Champion Mare.
SHINERS LENADOC(Docs Sulena, by Doc O’Lena). $91,890:NRBC Open Derby Reserve Champion; 6th, NRHA Open Derby.
SHINEY LIL MISS (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena).
$89,000: 2008 NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
SPINNIN SPARKS (Roxys Spinning Top, by Topsail Cody). $82,455: NRHA Intermediate Open Derby Co-Reserve Champion.
SHIRLEY SHINE (Shirley McLain, by Ima Cougar). $80,306: NRCHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; 3rd, NRCHA Open Futurity.
LIL MISS SHINEY CHEX (Lil Miss Smarty Chex, by Smart Little Lena). $80,074: AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Working
Cowhorse; NRCHA Open Two-Rein World Champion.
WHERES MY SHINE (Boomerita, by Boomernic). $79,798: NRCHA Non-Pro Futurity Champion; 2009 NRCHA Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion;NRCHANon-Pro Stakes Co-ReserveChampion.
Equi-Stat #2 Leading Reining Maternal Grandsire and
the NRCHA #2 Leading Maternal Grandsire
SHINING SPARK’S DAUGHTERS HAVE PRODUCED: WALLAWALLAWHIZ (Topsail Whiz). $187,820:NRHAOpen Derby Champion; 3rd, NRBC Open Derby.
SPARKLING WAVES (Tidal Wave Jack). $162,320: 4th, NRHA Open Futurity; top 10, NRHA & NRBC Open Derbies.
NICS BLACK DIAMOND (Nic It In The Bud). $154,320: NSHA Open Futurity Co-Reserve Champion; 4th, NRHA Open Futurity.
CROMED OUT MERCEDES (Custom Crome). $145,360: 2009 AQHA Reserve World Champion Junior Reining Horse; 2009 NRBC
Open Derby Champion.
WHIZKEY N DIAMONDS (Topsail Whiz). $125,149: 3rd, 2009 NRHA Open Futurity; High Roller Open Futurity Champion.
SHES FUL OF DIAMONDS (Hes A Peptospoonful). $122,399: NRCHA Open Futurity Reserve Champion.
CDDEE VEE DEE (CD Lights). 2009AQHAReserve World Champion Junior Working Cowhorse; 4th, NRCHA Open Stakes, $51,223. BERRYS SHINING CHIC (Chic Please). 2009 AQHA World Champion
Junior Tie-Down Roping Horse.
FEMALE LINE SHININGSPARK’sdamisDIAMONDSSPARKLE,AQHAHall of Fame; World Show Superhorse, World Champion Heading Horse, NRHA Hall of Fame, an NRHA Top 12 All-Time Leading Producer (2009), #1 All-Time Leading Producer (1999-2005) and the AQHA #1 All-Time Leading Producer of World Champions.
Gimme Your Money, by Nu Cash NRCHA Money Earner $2,812: Open Hackamore winner at the Athens Summer Jubilee, SWRCHA Abilene Show, Florida Orange Blossom Spectacular and SWRCHA Texas Classic; NRCHA Sil ver Open
Hackamore Top Five; 8.5 AQHA points.

Dam of 4 performers, AQHA ROM, NRMA Money 4.373 USD, NRCHA Money 8.020 USD including–
Gimme A Shine (c. by Shining Spark). $8,237: SWRCHA Kal powar Fu tu rity
Open Stal lion Stakes Re serve Cham pion and fi nal ist in the Open Fu tu rity.
Gimme It All (g. by Shining Spark). NRHA earner of $1,204.

HICKORYS RED REY, by Doc’s Hick ory. $28,835: PCCHA $50,000 Non-Pro
Derby Re serve Cham pion; PCCHA Limited Non-Pro Clas sic/Chal lenge
Re serve Cham pion; Rose Cutlip 4-Year-Old Non-Pro Cham pion; 3rd,
Reno West ern Non-Pro Fu tu rity; 4th, Biggest Lit tle Cut ting 4-Year-Old
Non-Pro; fi nal ist in the Ab i lene West ern Non-Pro Derby, PCCHA Non-Pro
Clas sic/Chal lenge, Ne vada Spec tac u lar Non-Pro Clas sic. Half sis ter to
JAY DOC O LENA. An Equi-Stat All-Time Leading Reined Cow Horse
Pro ducer (10/2013). Dam of 9 money-earn ers, in clud ing–
ONE TIME REY JAY (One Time Pepto). $107,357 RCH: NRCHA Open Fu turity
Re serve Cham pion; split 6th, 2012 NRCHA Open Stakes; 2012 Northwest
RCHA Open Derby Re serve Cham pion.
ROOSTERS HICK ORY (Gallo Del Cielo). $45,926 RCH: 5th, NRCHA Open
Fu tu rity (Reined Work Cham pion); Magic Val ley Am a teur RCH Derby
Cham pion; Montana Am a teur Derby Re serve Cham pion.
CRUEL JEWEL (Lenas Jewel Bars). $22,690: split 4th, ACHA World
Non-Pro Clas sic; Blue bon net Stakes $50,000 Non-Pro Cham pion;
Nueces Can yon Gold & Sil ver Non-Pro Clas sic Re serve Cham pion. Dam
of GS THE ICEMAN ($16,408 cut ting).
HICKORYS DUAL PEP (Dual Pep). $20,784: fi nal ist in the PCCHA Spring
Open Derby, El Rancho Open Fu tu rity; 4th, NWCHA Open Fu tu rity.
HICKORYS CHIC OLENA (Smart Chic Olena). $13,673 RCH: SWRCHA Circle
Y Int. Open Derby Cham pion; East Coast RCHA Int. Open Derby Reserve
Cham pion, split 5th Open.